Mission Statement: 
Different Shades of Pink Charity is committed to serving the “Right Now Needs” of breast cancer fighter’s, survivors and their families. In addition, we educate and empower young women to practice preventive measures and be proactive in their pursuit of healthy lifestyles.

Different Shades of Pink (DSP) is a 501c3 not-for profit charitable organization who performs public service and places emphasis on women of color breast health. 
DSP was founded in 2012 by BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR, ERIKA BRACEY in an effort to rally women/men to collectively promote breast cancer awareness, expose barriers and disparities that plague our communities and to provide assistance to persons in need. Our philanthropic efforts also extend to encouraging individuals to celebrate life abundantly.

Motto: Awareness is a lifestyle!

Colors: Dark Pink and Chocolate

Nick Name: DSP

Favorite Quote: “See yourself where you want to be and make that your reality. SEE YOURSELF ALIVE!”